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Paul Posey

Thank you for visiting the World of N2P Photography. While in high school, I took a photography class. We developed our film and printed our own photos. It was then I knew I wanted to be a photographer. However, first dream job was to be a United States Marine. In 1986 I bought my first camera and became a part-time shutterbug.

My hobby as a photographer faded as my career progressed. I shelved the idea in 1989. I retired from the Marines in 2009, later in 2016 I began to get the fever again. Later the next year I opened the doors to N2P Photography.

Our Headshot team is mobile and can setup at your business to satisfy your photo needs. Your to editing can be completed on site. Affordable, we understand that everyone is budget conscious, we are too. Therefore, knowing your budget and how we can work together to satisfy both businesses is paramount.

Professional, we try our best to be on site early to assess the location to ensure that we are moving in the same directioin at the first "click".





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